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How do we know when people learn?April 8th, 2013By Charles Duncan

Every time I see this cartoon it makes me think… How do we know when people learn? For anyone interested in learning this is surely the most fundamental question. If we don’t know the answer how can we expect to provide education or training? Of course, this question has been posed many times and a

Differences between MOOCs highlight learningMarch 14, 2013By Charles Duncan

How well does a MOOC student learn their chosen subject? While pondering this question I realised how crazy it is to expect to categorise MOOCs as if they are all the same. The experience of learning of MOOCs can be as varied as the experience of learning in different universities or schools. So I want

Open Badges: Has the jury come back yet?Aug 14, 2013By Charles Duncan

If you have been aware of Mozilla’s Open Badges initiative since it was launched in September 2011 you may be wondering, as I am, how it is going. Who could argue that “a new online standard to recognize and verify learning” that is both free and an open standard is not welcome. So, what impact

Where is value perceived in an educational course? March 4th, 2013By Charles Duncan

Any course is composed of many different parts. E-learning courses are just the same but this post is not specifically about e-learning – it could apply to any course. A course can be split into a number of layers, each layer building on the one below. The “foundations” are the course content and documents,

intraLibrary Data VisualisationApril 23rd, 2013By Janek Lasocki-Biczysko

Graphically visualising your data has always been used to lead to a deeper understanding of the information you are dealing with. Recently, dynamic and interactive data visualisations have become much more prolific because of the wide range of tools and frameworks available to designers and developers. Among the more popular options, D3.js has been heavily

Welcome to Intrallect’s TechTalkMarch 5th, 2013By Charles Duncan

With the new face of Intrallect we are also going to be providing some insight in to the new ways that we are looking to enhance our customer user experience. With the rapid uptake in the consumption of both web sites and applications, users are becoming more and more accustomed to a better user