Learning Outcomes Mastery System

This first-generation product provides mastery and remediation through online teaching and assessment in a social networking environment. CP mastery system's innovative approach is supported by an exciting development roadmap.

Mastering a subject is the route to excellence

CP Learning Outcomes Mastery provides mastery and remediation through online teaching and assessment in a social networking environment that includes group dynamics, learning collaboration, and structured learning communities with multiple learning widgets.

It both ensure the learners achieve mastery and is adaptable to any subject since it is built on five pillars that are essential to effective learning:

My learning path

Campus Performance Learning Outcomes Mastery system defines a Learning Path as a selected set of learning objectives aligned with specific competencies and skills and mapped to the instructional/digital resources used to train, or teach, learn, and assess at the objective level. A learning path may be a group of objectives, a course made up of objectives, or an entire program made up of courses, or selected topics and modules of training material. A student/trainee may have a learning path made up of one or a combination of the above grouping of learning objectives.

Course content

Interactive content material that makes up the curriculum with more emphasis on active learning and assessment activities that ties the outcomes to the specific competencies and skills aligned to the objectives and all teaching/learning resources associated with each objective.


Each Assessment item is aligned at the objectives level to the specific competencies or skills and to the specific instructional/digital resources used to train, teach, learn, and assess the objective.

Resource library & resource remidiation

The CP Learning Outcomes Mastery generates a remediation library from the Resource Library at the objective level. The generated Remediation Library following each assessment is a list of all digital assets and resources used to train, teach, learn, and assess each objective. Students/trainees can choose the resources that apply to their individual learning style to work toward the mastery of all objectives.

My learning portfolio (objectives & outcomes structure)

Each student starts with “My Learning Path” and ends with a learning outcomes portfolio in “My Learning Portfolio”. The CP LOM allows students, faculty, and program administrators to generate Learning Outcomes Transcripts for each group of objectives, course, or program. Each Learning Outcome Transcript becomes a student’s Learning Outcomes Mastery artifact that can be uploaded or exported to the student’s portfolio. The CP LOM also generates Certificates of Completion and Badges that can be e-mailed, printed, uploaded or exported to the learner/trainee portfolio.