Integrated Learning Environment (ILE)

CP ILE is an integrated one-stop solution of learning object repository, learning outcomes mastery, portfolio and personal branding, and learning intelligence system. CP ILE will offer an educational ecosystem to store and manage digital assets, publish them to an LMS, and track learners' performance. Further it will help the students to build their digital portfolio and share it easily with peers and employers.

CP ILE Advantages
  • Map and align learning outcomes to compliance, standards, and regulation requirements
  • Create and manage students Learning Path and align it with learning outcomes, learning analytics, and a remediation content library
  • Systemically and systematically pinpoint gaps and deficiency in the quality of instructions (faculty & delivery), learning outcomes (students), and content (curriculum & instructional resources)
  • Map and align learning outcomes to content and assessments/evaluation in a fully integrated environment
  • Create and integrates Learning Outcomes Portfolios by student/course/program and campus
  • Provide a systemic way for Career Services to map and align student's Learning Outcomes Portfolio to employer needs for specific jobs. Systemically invite employers to view a student Learning Outcomes Portfolio in addition to their other e-portfolio components such as resume, cover letter, and special accomplishments
CP BI Brings
  • Provide well-defined metrics for operations and incorporate BI tools to filter through campus performance metrics affecting strategic decision-making.
  • Deliver & share easily understood graphic representations and intelligent reporting of complex campus data and analytics.
  • Provide learning outcomes analytics where “at risk” criteria can be set based on evidence, and both instructors and students can have advice delivered directly to them as soon as a risk is identified.
  • Enable administrators and teachers to easily monitor key information to support early intervention with at risk students, compare the impact of policy and resource decisions, and provide required data for accreditation bodies.
CP & BI System Benefits
  • Speed up business-critical decision making
  • Win the quest for substantial cost-savings
  • Establish and leverage a single version of the “Edupreneurial” Business/Academic process