Educational Curriculum and Program Development

Education Content Program"

Campus Performance provides full turnkey solutions for the design, development, implementation, and accreditation evaluation of quality and pedagogically sound educational courses or full curriculum programs. Our model for designing educational courses and programs is applicable to nearly all areas of study. Campus Performance designs and develops onsite courses, online (distance learning), or a combination of both (blended). We utilize subject matter experts, instructional designers, and user experience designers to develop courses and customized materials that meet your precise needs.

Curriculum Design Methodology
Quality Design

Programs are designed to offer optimal delivery using qualified curriculum designers and developers. Our staff is experienced in developing programs and courses that can be delivered in heavily regulated environments and state and federal accreditation processes.

Learning Centric

Identification of skills and competencies authentic assessment measures will be used in order to ensure that students can in fact exhibit these skills and competencies.

ISD Methodology

To match specific situational needs we utilize a variety of pedagogical, instructional (which includes but not limited to case based, problem based, project based learning; situated cognition, cognitive apprenticeships, and facilitated), and collaboration models.

Performance Oriented Course Design

Courses are designed and developed around a model that facilitates trackable and assessable measurements focusing on student performance based learning with measureable goals and competencies.

Courses with High Multimedia Production Value

Utilizing state of the art production methodologies and workflows, our teams across the world can produce content that are both pedagogically immersive as well as visually appealing.

21st Century Skills and Outcomes

We establish a baseline that educators, students and parents must be well versed in the 21st century skills that students need to acquire to be successful. Teachers would be able to make relevant and useful choices about when and how to teach them, and whether or not students are making progress toward their personal demonstration of accomplishment. We believe rethinking what we teach must come before we can rethink how we teach.

Relevant and Applied Curriculum

We offer an innovative vision of what the learning environment should become by applying what we know about how people learn and adapting the best pedagogy to meet the needs of this generation of learners. Our design keeps students engaged in relevant and contextual problem and project-based learning designed to develop 21st century skills and provided using a multi disciplinary approach. Curriculums we develop apply to student's current and future lives and leverage the power of Web2.0 and ubiquitous technologies.

Informative Assessment

We identify and implement the types and systems of assessments schools need to develop to fully capture the varied dimensions of 21st century learning as well as the independent role students need to take on in monitoring and adjusting their own learning. We make sure assessments used in the classroom increase relevant feedback to students, teachers, parents, and decision makers to continuously improve student learning and inform the learning environment.

Curriculum Benefits
Education Content Program"

Our curriculum and program development services offer the flexibility to enable clients to add new courses and programs for diverse groups of users in order to keep abreast of trends. Programs and courses are closely linked to client requirements and goals, while taking into account essential business needs and the business environment. A dedicated forum allows users to engage and provide feedback, which is used to further improve solutions over the long term.

Ubiquitous Access to Technology

We provide 24X7 access for students and educators to information, resources, and technologies that engage and empower them to do background research, information and resource gathering, and data analysis, to publish with multiple media types to wide and varied audiences, to communicate with peers and experts, and to gain experience and expertise in collaborative work.

Education Content Program"
Culture of Innovation and Creativity
Education Content Program"

Our system creates a culture that supports and reinforces innovation for student learning and leverages the creativity and ingenuity of every adult and student to solve their unique problems with a continuous development of their skills. Our simple yet powerful mastery system empowers students master required skills in doing so.