Digital Portfolio and Personal Branding System

CP Portfolio and Personal Branding System is a secure, portable and personalized career support solution. It addresses the gaps, deficiencies, and inefficiencies, which exist between resumes, job sites, legacy enterprise applications (i.e. HRMS and ATS), and social networking.

Integrated with the CP Learning Outcomes Mastery System, it will extract and publish student skills and outcomes making it easy for students to share their profile and helping organizations make the decision process quick and efficient.

What it does for our Members

As a user - friendly, on-demand, and up - to - date system, our system provides a secure career support solution. Members systematically document, track, develop, and nurture their most valuable professional asset – their career – from anywhere, anytime. By maintaining, and keeping up - to - date, members' experiences – as well as their personal and professional accomplishments, education, employment, job preferences, aspirations, references, accolades, goals, pertinent documents and even video - you establish a more complete description of your past, present and future as you progress over the course of your career. Because after all, a career is not an event; it's a lifelong journey. And given the importance of our careers – it's best to be proactive, keep score, and make it a habit.

What it does for Organizations

Our system helps organizations - specifically colleges and universities, government agencies, membership societies and corporations - identify, obtain, track, manage and develop their most important assets: their people. Organizations leverage CP Portfolio and Personal Branding System to help with: recruiting, hiring and job placement, online branding, social awareness, goal setting, reviews, performance evaluations, talent alignment, teamwork, and more.

   Some Highlights Of The System

Your profile is managed from one user - friendly, easy - to - use page. It's displayed in the same way, as well.


You chose what to do, and how much you want to upload, manage, display, develop and share. Your call.


While CP Portfolio and Personal Branding System is a structured solution - and it's smart to make updating it a good habit - you can do what you like.

Sharing your profile is simple

With a couple of clicks - all of the best evidence and representation of you, and your capabilities, can be securely viewed by anyone you choose. They don't even need an official account on our system, to see your best side.

Better than the generic

Resumes, job sites, and social networks only describe the basics of who you are (and even then, your information is lacking and incomplete). We know the power of your individualized story. Use your profile to tell it.