Campus Performance and Business Intelligence

We use campus performance & business intelligence output to enable the campus and accreditation to objectively measure whether critical processes are on track to improve business effectiveness. Through a successful implementation of this system we help the organizations increase student retention and placement; enhance graduate and employer satisfaction; track students' attendance, performance, learning outcomes, and academic progress; and help in attrition management and student advising processes. Our intelligent reporting capabilities help organizations in auditing and compliance processes by providing reports on faculty performance and instructional quality, readiness & teaching loads, instructions & students' satisfaction, student academic progress & retention, faculty qualification and professional development, programmatic outcomes & performance indicators, many other KPIs, matrices, and audit scores. CP Business Intelligence also help organizations with content mapping and compliance with requirements and standards

How it works
  • BI output and critical streams of information that can be refreshed in real time
  • Filtering through performance metrics affecting strategic decision-making
  • Use reference models for campus information integration
  • Querying Intelligent Queries of the campus data
  • Significant campus performance analytics
  • Intelligent reporting and analysis
  • Deliver and share easily understood graphic representations and intelligent reporting of complex campus data and analytics